A very nice and sweet start to the week with this puzzle. No stumbling blocks and a nice one – Some nice tips like 1a, 10a, 12a, 6d – 14d. My favorite 6d 14d 11a made more sense with the printed version of the reference (look at the clues), because the mention in the electronic version was not clear and could not be felt. Not sure why the difference in the two versions of the index???? Can someone enlighten me? It`s pretty interesting. As a general rule, changes between print and online publishing include either correcting errors or „stupidity“ the index. In this case, the process seems to be reversed, with the information in the online edition being made a little more difficult. At Coventry School, we were allowed to wear 30 feet of dene in 6th shape, but as they were expensive, we had to avoid ladders at all costs. If we failed, we visited Owen`s at Broadgate, where we were able to repair them invisibly on the way home from school (for a price!). Since we didn`t have a lot of money, each ladder meant going to school for a week in order to save our bus package to collect the fees! When I was very young, we lived in Coundon, where there were shelters for people displaced during the war, especially in the Baltics. Men made beautifully carved wooden toys that they sold, and women could make very fine embroidery to decorate the nylon stockings of the heel. Many of my mother`s friends wore decorated stockings. What a completely different world! 16a Statement on Journalists in the Crowd on Lease (5.7) PRESS RELEASE – many in cramped neighborhoods, a short word that is above or above, and a very nice monday issue rental lease. Simple and effective, as I would call it.

I like crispy peanut butter, and in the garden, we have an ice cream of earth on the dessert menu. It`s delicious. Camping is a past. Although 80% of our tourists stay in one, they are now called Outdoor Hostelry with fully air-conditioned bungalows with equipped kitchen. Almost no tents, caravans or campervans in sight. Thanks to Campbell and Falcon. Since I only do crossword puzzles on the night of his show in south-east Wales, I`m usually late for a comment. „Not one“ (or „not one“) is a strong way of saying „no“ like „I couldn`t solve a single clue of my first pass through the puzzle.“ We finished it quickly and enjoyed it a lot, but we weren`t very happy with our last two in, 3d and 8a. Favorite mentions 16a and 20a. Thanks to Falcon and Setter. 21d Fleshy Soft Mass (5) PLUMP – musical direction for soft or silent followed by a small solid mass or swelling A quality cross word is a quality cross word and does not need to be witty to be pleasant.