For exceptional cases in which personal data is transferred to the United States, Google has logged into the EU-US data protection shield and is committed to complying with EU data protection legislation: www.privacyshield.gov/participant? id-a2zt00000001L5AAI-status-Aktiv. The legal basis for these processing operations is Article 6, paragraph 1, read.b RGPD, as it is the initiation and execution of a contract or Article 6 paragraph 1 bed f RGPD, our legitimate interest in evaluating the use of the application to improve our offer. By technically necessary cookies, we are talking about cookies without these, which cannot ensure the technical commissioning of the online service. These include cookies. B that store data to ensure smooth playback of video or audio material. Your personal data will be processed for the following purposes: You still have the right to keep the data you have given us in a structured, conventional and machine-readable form, or, to the extent technically possible, to request the transfer of the data to third parties. The data we process will be erased as soon as storage is no longer required for the intended purpose and there are no legal retention times. Our platform allows the transmission of personal data by customers from the social platforms of their choice or that are entered by the granular customer with the notification and positive consent (control box) of customers via authorization screens. This feature allows our customers to explain to their customers the purpose or purpose of the processing in the registration process. In principle, we keep your data as long as it is necessary to provide our online offer and related services or if we have a legitimate interest in further storage (for example. B after the execution of the contract, we could still have a legitimate interest in postal marketing).

In all other cases, we will delete your personal data, with the exception of the data we have to keep for the fulfillment of legal obligations (for example. B, due to tax and commercial retention times, we are required to keep documents such as fixed-term contracts and invoices). We only deal with personal data if there is a legal basis or if you have given us your consent, for example. B as part of a recording. The legal bases for data processing are Article 6, paragraph 1, paragraph 1, the basic regulation, .b and f, RGPD. Our legitimate interest stems from the above purposes for data collection. Personal data will not be merged with other data we have. Akamai Data Processing Contract – For Suppliers This agreement completes and amends the master service contract and/or the terms of purchase between Akamai and its suppliers. The data you provide will only be used to process your application.

The legal basis for this data processing is Article 6, paragraph 1, paragraph 1, of the RGPD.b, when it is a pre-contract measure, and Article 6, paragraph 1, of the RGPD. Personal data collected in this case is deleted when it is no longer necessary and the deletion is not contrary to legal conservation obligations. Akamai helps its customers comply with data protection through design and standard requirements, proactively ensuring that an adequate level of data protection is applied in Identity Cloud product development and data processing. Akamai offers segment creation and the ability to create anonymous records. 3.5.1 · Transfer of data to other managers For suggestions and complaints about the handling of your personal data, we advise you to contact our Data Protection Officer: the privacy practices of the cloud identity are audited annually by TrustArc (TRUSTe®) and verified annually by an independent auditor as part of the SOC2 Type of Identity Cloud review for the five principles of the trust. The first table below outlines the main requirements for RGPD articles for data processors and how Akamai meets them.