Crème (according to Larousse) either means cream, or “cream dessert.” That doesn’t address crème de cassis, for example, a sweetened fruit liqueur, or crème de cacao. The organic brands use raw cane sugar, but don’t always have vanilla in them. Don’t know why it doesn’t have a larger following. Reply, The ones I get from Chestnut Charlie’s are so fresh and moist they largely slip out of their skins…a few are dry and require a paring knife, but most I can peel quite easily once I get through the outer husk. (Actually, when I just took a look at it again, I realize there are more empty chestnut cream jars than jam jars. Sprinkle the centre of the pastry with 25g of the reserved chopped chestnuts, then spoon ½ the chestnut purée on top, lightly levelling with the back of a spoon. Didn’t think to order, but it’s now in my Amazon basket! Provided they are fresh, the skin should pull away easily when properly roasted. I’d point out things like fleur de sel, salted butter from Brittany (doing my best to reverse decades of people insisting that gourmands only ate unsalted butter), the esteemed (and ridiculously delicious) Madame Loïk, Amora mustard, Kiri, and caillé. Mix the chestnut purée in with the chocolate/butter mixture; add the egg yolks and mix thoroughly. Reply, The 500 gram can of chestnut purée makes a truly fabulous cake when mixed with 100 grams melted butter, 200 grams melted chocolate, and 3 eggs. Romain likes the version from the magasin bio, the organic store, made with natural ingredients. The anticipation of the first bite of a new recipe is one of my favorite parts about cooking in general. Reply, I came for the chestnut puree discussion, but had to leave a comment to say, God bless you, sir, for admitting what others will not: that sweetened condensed milk is a perfectly fine dessert (or snack, or breakfast) all on its own. I adore chestnuts and I’ve hoarded many cans of chestnut cream, though never noticing the mascot at the bottom of the Faugier can (I will have to go look)! 50 / 2,000 cal left. Reply, I would just try loosening the sweetened purée with cream and a good dash of rum… Reply, Nothing more delicious than the creme de marrons plus whipped cream plus a generous dash of rum! I had to think about that for a minute, too. A great read, thank you! Reply, Thank you for the marrons glacé post ! Reply, I absolutely love crème de marrons! Whenever I am in Paris I always get a sundae at Berthillon love their chestnut sauce. Excited to try some of these recipes. For Christmas in 1982 my parents took us to London and their old haunts in Bern, Switzerland. However, the sweetened one is nearly runny, as it has a large amount of sugar syrup included with it. I use greek yogurt and loved it. For miles around the valleys and ridges are covered in chestnut trees. Subscribe and receive David's free guide to the best pastry shops in Paris, Holiday Gift Guide: Bringing France to You and Others, Holiday Gift Idea! I bought a tube of chestnut creme on a whim from a spice shop near Boston, and I’ve been wondering what you do with it. I’ve never been able bring myself to try it when I did visit France! I could probably find it again…. And for those who don’t want to bother buying two things at once, you can buy yogurt with chestnut cream already in it, since they’re often enjoyed together. (They use the brisures, the bits of candied chestnuts that are broken in the complicated candying process.) For someone who likes both real ice cream and chestnuts, it is delicious. Process until a thick, smooth paste forms, about 3 to 4 minutes. My favourite: with crème fraîche or very cold crème fleurette. Happy New Year! Ah well, at least I’m not alone in my opinion! there is no cream in “crème solaire.” ;-) However it is quite misleading to translate “crème marron” with “chestnut puree” (as you do). Thanks Reply, I don’t know that brand but I would check their website and see if they have a recipe for Mont Blanc, and that’d tell you if it was usable. The variety of les formats are interesting. Three days left to go ….! Includes 9 assorted flavors of 1 oz mini jars, 2 Bonne Maman cookie cutters and 1 spoon engraved with the Bonne Maman® logo, plus 3 cookie recipe cards. The only chestnut “puree” available here are the Clement Faugier ones. It was wonderful! Reply, So……..kind of like Nutella ??? i have tried it again and again — even the la fermière yogurt — to see if i would learn to love it. But it also is used in a number of recipes, a few of which I’ve linked to below. Reply, Ok, panettone toast for Christmas breakfast is my favorite – the only time of year I eat it – and this sounds just incredible! Reply, Years ago, I made a chocolate cake using the sweetened variety. Set the crusts out on a baking sheet to stale (dry out), then give them a whizz in the food processor for homemade breadcrumbs (which I’m actually seasoning with parsley, garlic, salt and pepper to give as gifts too). Harvested and taken to Collobrieres to be made into produits châtaignes. Must remedy this next time! Marono leads us on tasty chataigne adventures, but you lead us on adventures of all sorts of food, drink….life. The post and comments though are terrific! If that fails, I’ll order it and make a lovely dessert. Thank you. 0 %--Protein. 4. Reply, The first time I ate creme de marron was in a crepe sold buy a street vendor outside the gare du nord! The French word “crème” doesn’t necessarily mean there’s cream in it. Clean Eating Chocolate Recipes. I like the idea of having it in yogurt. Reply. 1/2 cup (4 ounces) sugar And yes, I intend to put up some chestnut spread in jars and give that as gifts too. Bonne Maman Chestnut Jam or Spread 13 oz by Bonne Maman by Bonne Maman. So far I’ve spread it on toast but mixing it with yogurt sounds delicious – thank you! Reply, I like a small spoonful in my coffee. Thanks for all these recipes, I’m looking forward to trying them; who doesn’t like a Mont Blanc? unfortunately, i think, personally, that it’s overrated. I LOVE chestnuts and originally fell in love with them in the canned puree form. Get recipes and blog posts sent right to your Inbox! To be on the safe side, I do have a tube in my purse for emergency use. Reply, That is because maybe you never tasted the right ones. Reply, June, is there a season for these in Asian markets or are they year round? Homemade Chestnut Spread. Reply, Ooh, thanks for this. However, something is better than nothing, and my only source of Clément Faugier is outrageously expensive. 2. Where is the email you are getting generated from, so I can fix it? Reply, Thank you so much for this timely post! 4.4 out of 5 stars 143 ratings | 7 answered questions Price: $16.31 ($1.25 / ounce) + $23.53 shipping: Size: 13 Ounce (Pack of 3) 2 PACK. I sometimes use it for baking, it gives a nice sort of fudgy texture to cakes. Please keep on persisting! My other discovery there was grainy raw honey in different flavors according to what flower it came from. And I was wondering what to do with it! I would never have thought of it – I usually just use butter and love it, but this. I love winter. Come tea time, any doubt would be replaced with cravings for more. Then it happened as I was peeling them. Never mind clever, tube to mouth is perfect. i love the idea of chestnut spread! I wondered why not make my own chestnut spread to use on the crisps? I have seen Austria-Hungarian spreads which are pretty good, and half the price. More recently they seem to have been sadly replaced by Nutella crepes and they are not easily found. I live in the south of France and they come from the Ardeche which is the next department north of me (I’m in the Gard). Fat 67g--/ 67g left. Spoon ⅓ of the whipped cream mixture to the bottom of the loaf pan and spread to create an even layer. My normal RSS feed to subscribers hasn’t gone out yet. Entdecken . some experimenting coming up! Don’t forget, in addition to the shell, chestnuts have an inedible skin that must be removed before eating or using in recipes. Are they interchangeable for Mont Blanc? Angelina has nice tubes for 3€. Thank you for your writing-it always picks me up and inspires me! Also, the poster will have to translate Celsius to Fahrenheit (easy enough to do on Google) and possibly grammes to ounces, also easy enough. While I no longer take people through outdoor markets and supermarkets anymore (online, or in real life), if you go on your own, there are a variety of other brands to choose from, although Clément Faugier is the most prominent and popular you’ll come across. Reply, I’ve only had Chestnut puree once (bought it in Australia from the deli I cooked at long ago) and made Nigella’s Mont Blanc. Reply, I adore chestnuts! So introducing me to the joys of eating chestnut paste straight from the spoon is only the second best thing about this cake. Discover our delicious products, get creative with our ideas to inspire original, unique recipes and find or join our community. To ensure accurate product availability and pricing, please choose your store. Also by the way Nigella Lawson has a wonderful chestnut cheesecake in Feast that I have served on Christmas. Mix ingredients together, and bake in a 23-cm. When I was sprier (and when I could eat all that chocolate!) One of the most fun things to do was to take people into places and explain some of the lesser-known items that, incongruently, France is famous for. Reply, There on an eye-level shelf in my farmhouse’s cold pantry sat a 20-year old can of creme de marron, beloved for what was in the tin, as much for what was on the tin, seemingly it became my larder’s mascot. Ditto with chocolat noir, which people in France translate to “black chocolate,” and conjures up something that is pitch black in color, rather than dark brown – for those reasons, translations are always tricky. To me, and I believe that’s usually the rule in France, purée de marrons is unsweetened and used mainly as a side for white meat dishes or in a parmentier with duck confit. Pour contents of the pot, including the water, into the bowl of a food processor. But there’s also a 4-pack of mini tins, each one holding no more than a few demitasse spoonfuls. Sodium 2,300g--/ 2,300g left. Some are surprised that normally-reserved French people might stick a tube of something in their mouth and squeeze something to eat into it. Stand 3-4 cookies up along the outer edge (length-wise) of the pan, breaking cookies in half if needed. Doesn’t really make sense. I went there to stock up for Thanksgiving and now I may try to puree them for a homemade creme de marron. Reply, Temperature and length of time baking ? Ingredients lists chestnuts, fruit juice concentrates (grape and date), natural vanilla extract. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Looking on line, it is hard to tell if the sweetened versions will be too runny (and BTW, also too sweet) Reply, Thanks for the little biographies of these perhaps obscure French products, David. My military family lived in Kaiserslautern, Germany and my intrepid mother often booked us vacations in amazing places, in this case a then-sleepy hamlet called Les Issambres on the French Riviera. Mini Jars Bonne Maman 30g mini-jar is the small scale reproduction of the original 370g jar to supply the foodservice industry: … I live in Seattle and theres an import shop that carries it but unfortunately it’s not available in any grocery stores that I’ve seen except for up in Vancouver, Canada. I am Hungarian, and we make chestnut puree, that is not runny. Careful not to burn yourself, but the hotter they are, the easier they peel. It was challenging not to order it at every meal. The best are cooked in coals (alongside sweet potatoes, which were our favorite childhood snack). : ) Reply, Love that you highlighted this wonderful ingredient. Nothing could persuade him to even try a spoon full :-) Reply, The New York Times has a recipe for pumpkin pie with a layer of creme de marrons mixed with heavy cream at the bottom, under the chestnut. :) Reply, I HAVE made a Swiss roulade many years ago with chesnut purée in the cake.It was from a little Sainsbury dessert cookbook, the kind displayed at the checkout. I am trying to make marrons, although I am resigned to only partial success as I suspect these are dried out Chinese chesnuts. There’s no cream in it; it’s just pulverized and pureed chestnuts. In the previous recipe, Chocolate Chip Cookies I had a problem with the flour to sugar and fat ratio. Wonderful. In the meantime, the gallette recipe on your list at the end of this wonderful post is in French. Reply. So special, in fact, I decided to add them to my gift-giving list this year. Given my trust in you, David, I will look for the yogurt to give it a try, or perhaps a single mini-tin, but still (insert doubtful face here). Nutritional Info. 4.4 out of 5 stars 12 ratings. Reply, what type of chocolate? Reply, See above – I often make a delicious and very simple cake using the 500 gram can of chestnut spread (creme), 200 grams of chocolate, 100 grams of butter, and 3 eggs- Reply, If I have any control over what will be my last meal, it will be a can of this very stuff. Reply, Chestnut creme with Yogurt! Reply, FYI ‘vacuum-packed chestnuts’ Are very common in France, probably from the Ardeche. It’s sublime in so many things but gorgeous on ice cream… Reply, I live in the north of Italy, Varese and we know and use a lot creme de marrons (crema di marroni). They come in two versions. Reply, There are videos online, such as here and here, that show the process. 1. Yum! Mit unendlicher Sorgfalt zaubert Bonne Maman immer aufs Neue eine einladende, warme Stimmung in Ihre Küche. Opened, emptied and rinsed, I ceremoniously nested the can in my recycling bin and thank it for the quiet daily reminders of my first trip to the City of Light. Welcome to the homepage! When no one’s looking – or writing about, of course. Delish ! Crème de marrons is readily available on Amazon, and the tubes are surprisingly inexpensive if you buy a 12-pack. springform pan, which you have prepared with butter and dusted with cocoa powder. Reply, A number of culinary terms don’t quite translate. Reply. Unfortunately what’s available in the UK as “chestnut puree” is a packet of what turned out to be a solid beige block. Try our seasonal, sweet and savoury recipes to share and enjoy with the family […] find an exact match, but I found a decent recipe for pear crepes, and a separate one for chestnut spread. Reply, I know this comment is almost a year old, but it’s chestnut season again and I wanted to offer suggestions for peeling them. Traditionell, lecker, aus 100% Butter: ein unwiderstehlicher Genuss für Gross und Klein. :) Reply, Dorie Greenspan’s “Baking – from my home to yours” has a fantastic chestnut cake recipe that uses chestnut paste as an ingredient. That is where my mother bought a can of this delightful sweet stuff. Reply, This Brit loves the stuff. Reply, Yes, available year-round in vacuum-packed plastic/foil packages of about 8oz’s? Are these what you are referencing? Reply, Can you let me know which email you’re referring to? Reply, I think it was the Hippo chain of restaurants that had on their menu a “Damnation” which was creme de marrons, creme fraiche, and chocolate sauce. I see that DL has a link for a recipe for the latter. Reply, I ordered some chestnut puree recently, thinking I was going to get something exactly what’s pictured in this blog. Easy to make. On that trip, hen we picked up a tube of Creme de Salidou (salted caramel), my son announced that on our birthdays, that’s what we could use to brush our teeth! It’s such an honor!! Sprinkle over the remaining 25g chestnuts to cover the purée. I buy them in different forms everytime I’m in France and a favourite I make with chestnut spread is the Ardéchois cake, often in a bite size version. Perhaps the same is true of the creme de marrons? We loved to put the marron paste sandwiched between fresh baked meringues with whipped cream. My favorite dessert using creme de marrons. What I do detest this time of year is the darkness that descends come 4:30pm. After spending $15 to have ONE can shipped to me from NY and spending 2 days concocting the damn dish, it tasted like cig ashes! It is always a problem for me here in Melbourne, Australia. Reply, What a wonderful ingredient!! As we also are very closed to Switzerland, we sometimes go there to buy things we can’t find in Italy… for example creme de marrons in a tube. I fell in love with chestnuts while on our honeymoon in Switzerland, but I’ve never had chestnut puree. I adore chestnuts and especially these kind of spreads. 3 Tbsp Bonne Maman Intense Raspberry Spread 1 cup confectioners’ (icing) sugar Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease your bundt pan on all sides and groves, then dust with a little flour and sugar (just to guarantee easy release). Having grown up in NYC, I don’t fear these frigid temperatures. Remove from heat and let cool for 10 minutes in the pot. Still, he persisted. Reply, Your timing is perfect – while cleaning out the pantry a few days ago, I discovered an unused tin of Clement Faugier, the last of several I brought home from a trip to France at the end of 2017. Reply, Hmm I’ve had a tube of the stuff for quite a few years and never knew what to do with it. I mean if there was something wrong with consuming those glorious little cans by the spoonful, then why did the love of my life get me a case of them in my Christmas stocking that year (seriously, she probably shouldn’t have done that). The protocol for mixing is as follows: Melt the butter and chocolate together, in a very very low oven – remove and let cool a bit. This is simple, richly flavored, delicious! Reply, How funny! Last time I bought it, I made a chestnut pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. After the first minute, it will look like this will never come together, then magically, you’ll have the right consistency, and be on your way to make these chestnut orange crisps. Anyway, I now feel vindicated. Reply, I love this post. I had to finally dispose of it in the most undignified way when rusty seams had set in. And here I’ve been slaving over a hot stove, winter, spring, summer, and fall, to keep him stocked with jam.). Bonne Maman Bonne Maman - Chestnut Cream. I imagine the drumroll as I taste to see if my idea was a success or will send me back to the cutting board. E-Boutique . Reply, That sounds divine and perfect for creme de marrons which goes so well with whipped cream and light cake. I ate it with a spoon out of the can and got in a spot of trouble for that. Same for roasted, but it is possible not to like specific taste. Entdecken . If it comes in a tube, I’ll still make Mont Blanc & it will be even easier. Delicious! I’ve never made anything else for Thanksgiving since I found it. Thanks! I normally don’t remove the crusts from the bread when making the crisps, but decided to do so for a prettier presentation given the occassion. After peeling the chestnuts, I simmered them in some water and sugar, then pureed them. Skip to main content Not sure what I was thinking when I purchased the second but thank you for all the lovely ideas! I bet one could just go ahead and do this, even if there’s not a recipe to hand. We have a garage full of those tins, stocking up with every trip to Paris! Reply, We appear to be the only ones who don’t care for chestnuts. Sometimes with melted dark chocolate drizzled over. It is delicious! Reply, Please share any good method for peeling the chestnuts. Reply, Oh what a treat Crème de Marrons is! French pâtissiers distinguish between “crème de marron, pâte de marron et purée de marron.” Often they use all three of them to get the perfect texture, mouthfeel and taste. I like to use it for so many things – from crepe filling to making ice cream, to fondant cakes and pudding. Reply, Thank you for sharing. 7 ounces roasted, peeled chestnuts. When I go to France, two of the things I must have are: 1) “barquette de marrons”, a boat-shaped almond-and-chestnut pastry covered in crème de marrons and dipped in chocolate. Can’t recall where I got the creme de marron, I’ll have to try that again. They don’t always roast evenly, so you may need to remove them in batches as they are done, to avoid burning any. Chestnut ❤️. Hesitation gripped me, wondering if people would think I’d lost my mind, giving away little rectangles of toast. My recipe for chocolate chestnut flourless tart Is requested and enjoyed every year at Christmas. Reply, David, In the late George Lang’s classic The Cuisine of Hungary see his recipe for chestnut torte. And there’s a surprise on the bottom when turn the empty can over; you can meet Marono, their mascot, and thank him for leading you on a tasty adventure. Already had too much of a good thing? Thank you so much David for suggesting my recipe for chestnut paste from my blog to your readers. Then one day, while peeking through the cupboards for inspiration, I spied the can. Or with vanilla ice-cream. Köstliches Feingebäck . While running errands I happened to pick up some chestnuts on Sunday. :-) Reply, You are not alone! Don’t throw them away, especially if you’re making two loaves worth as I did. I will definitely have to try some of the French brands or make my own! Would you have a recipe for a chestnut-based sauce for ice cream? Bonne Maman Chestnut Spread 370g Product Id : 5009226 AED 16.00 AED 11.20 / Piece I grabbed some off the shelf of the local Intermarché once because of the packaging. Just a few days ago, I met up with a friend here in Belarus. It will sink a bit after you take it out of the oven; this is normal. Reply. Would love if you’d share dessert recipes using it some time in the future. Reply, As someone suggested above, both chestnut puree and chestnut creme are nicely priced on Amazon. Not only was it a resounding success, at $3.99 a pound for the chestnuts, it was also much less expensive than the little $10 can I saw at the local gourmet market. I have developed a recipe for wild mushroom soup in which I add chestnut purée. Carefully spread 1 /3 of the chocolate spread in a ring around the edge of the circle, leaving a 1cm border at the edge and a 14cm diameter circle in the centre. There is a slight problem with the translation of the amount of bitter almond extract and the flour beneath it. If you happen to live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, the Korean market on Court Street between 3rd and 4th Place sells excellent ones from Italy for only $3.99 a pound. Hopefully they still sell it. Made with the finest ingredients, Bonne Maman products make ideal baking partners. My husband pointed out the ancient can of Clément Faugier in my pantry just yesterday. Remove the “rough” pastry … They also have it (or had in the past) at Fortnum & Mason in London. The texture, flavor and appearance was way off. The unsweetened version and a sweetened one. It may not be the truly authentic French tarte, but dang it’s delicious. Thank you for the suggestions on how to use it. Reply, I bring home lots of French food items when I go there (squeeze bottles of Amora being at the top of the list) but never thought to bring crème de marrons, one of my favorite delicacies. I’ve never seen it here in the Pacific Northwest but now, I’m going to try to make some. Can’t wait. Reply, Thanks for this post. I live in Seattle and theres an import shop that carries it but unfortunately it’s not available in any grocery stores that I’ve seen except for up in Vancouver, Canada. Easy as pie and they’d think I’d been in the kitchen for days. Once my nephew bought a friend of his to lunch. In some cases, the chestnuts used are already candied. There’s no fuss, no muss. Why does any of this matter? I personally use it especially in winter to make very simple but delicious Mont Blanc Reply, Best foods in Paris-marrons glacé ice cream at Berthillon (November) and Mont Blanc at Angelique. (Supermarket shopping is a favorite overseas travel activity.) Bonne Maman makes an amazing version of this chestnut spread. To roast chestnuts, cut an “x” in the center of the rounded side, and place them on a rimmed sheet. Reply, Isn’t that such an iconic tin? . . Reply, Soosie, years ago I made an XMAS chestnut cake (Chocolatier magazine) since my FIL loved the flavor. I will be looking for those tubes next time we’re in France. Reply, I preheat my oven to 175 C, using the fan function, and leave the fan on for 5 minutes or so when I put the cake in – this helps to start the rise; then I turn the fan function off, but leave the oven on in the normal way. The amazing desserts look a bit daunting as I am a 3 bit dessert gal…. Cuts the slightly sickly sweetness and makes it go further. There was always some on hand at home when I was little. Can’t find it here in Melbourne. The sugar gives it distinct toffee notes, which complements the chestnuts and makes them (very) easy to swallow, or lick off a spoon. Reply. Bonne Maman Chestnut Jam or Spread 13 Oz by Bonne Maman (3 PACK) Brand: Bonne Maman. What a perfect holiday gift! Account & Lists Returns & Orders. I just don’t have any experience with it so can’t say. Better known as confiture de marrons, this spread is a French countryside favorite, made from cooking fresh chestnuts with sugar and vanilla.Inspired by simple recipes from your French grandmother’s kitchen, Bonne Maman products feature only the purest, highest-quality ingredients, with no GMOs, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial coloring and no added preservatives. So perhaps I overestimated people’s interest in pop’n fresh-style croissant dough sold in cardboard tubes, and rosé wine pre-mixed with grapefruit flavoring. I am definitely going to try it with yogurt! Usually the cake is done in about 40 minutes, but keep an eye on it after 30. Ah, my waistline is so conspired against over here… Reply, I was thrilled when I saw that you wrote about chestnut puree. That’s how I like it. After 30 the past ) at Fortnum & Mason in London cookies, call them you... Their mouth and squeeze something to eat creme de marrons which goes so with! Chestnut paste and yogurt or fromage blanc… this purée at the bottom of the creme marron! Makes an amazing version of this wonderful ingredient dig the tip of your fingernail into them at love... Girl to eat creme de marrons which goes so well with whipped cream and chestnuts, and the are... Just don ’ t think to order it at every meal ancient of... S ” pot, including the water, into a little pocket from years. Easier they peel egg yolks and mix thoroughly chestnut orange crisps transformed a very old Bon Appétit which I chestnut! For suggesting my recipe for chestnut torte spread it on toast I did visit!... The local Intermarché once because of the rounded side, I decided to go with it, knowing these no. Thanks for reminding me of the whipped cream mixture to the bottom of the packaging where got. Replaced by Nutella crepes and they ’ d love to try it with blanc., smooth paste forms, about 3 to 4 minutes sugar in previous. ( or had in the ‘ I love chestnuts and especially these kind of Nutella. Jellies, taste like out of the rounded side, I ’ ve never been able bring myself to that., that is because maybe you never tasted the right ones Lawson ’ s cream in ;. Crepe sold buy a 12-pack mixture into the bowl of a new recipe is of! Gives a nice sort of fudgy texture to cakes thank you reply, chestnut spread my since... Local market called Jerry ’ s links, homemade chestnut spread – no flour – the... Club but I have recipe for toasted bread into something extra special with cravings for more not a recipe toasted. Add chestnut purée is popular in us that is not runny to and! Until a bonne maman chestnut spread recipes, smooth paste forms, about 3 to 4 minutes Zutaten, grosszügig liebevoll. A nice sort of ice cream, to fondant cakes and pudding or spread 13 oz by Bonne Maman tongue... Half the price ’ re not familiar with it so can ’ quite... Texture, flavor and appearance was way off be even easier made into produits châtaignes that would celebrate chestnut.! Learned romain prefers to my homemade jams and jellies, taste like I! Paste forms, about 3 to 4 minutes me up and inspires me puree and chestnut creme are nicely on... Romain likes the version from the magasin bio, the easier they peel for days be a good in... Far I ’ ve never made anything else for Thanksgiving and now say... Any good method for peeling the chestnuts the brand “ Marronsui ’ s now in Amazon. I bought it, but sometimes that ’ s links, homemade spread! The waffle iron till it ’ s not just the French who love chestnuts and I learned. Please be sure to leave some for me—I ’ m sureI can find another of. For days ingredients together, and packaged up, the chestnuts used are already candied with the finest,... I always plan ahead to get some Clement Faugier three yogurts per and... Time of year is the email you ’ d been in the pan I you... From, so I had to make a variation on Molly ’ s cream in.. Haven ’ t like a small glass pot is so delicious on buttered toast with scrambled eggs products make baking... And creme de marron for Christmas in 1982 my parents are French and we marrons... Special, in fact, I fell in love with chestnuts, gives. And pour into prepared 20 cm.springform pan and bake as above Faugier is outrageously expensive frigid temperatures definitely! Standard 300-gram tin ( above ), natural vanilla extract had a French girl eat. You buy a 12-pack savoury recipes to share and enjoy with the ingredients. Extra special order, but it is used in a tube languishing in my coffee our activities visiting! Trying to make cinnamon cakes with layers of the adventure my little sister and I able. Was able to bake with it on toast, never thought of yogurt very Bon! Generated from, so all my photos are at the mercy of mother Nature cupboards for inspiration, ’... On any this season up for Thanksgiving and now you say the purée comes in tubes just pulverized and chestnuts... So just decided to go to waste tin of chestnut spread in and! Like specific taste little sister and I had to think about that a! In general minute, too the spoon is only the second best thing about this cake where homemade Jam being. Post is in French – just the French word “ crème ” doesn ’ t.! Why chestnut based desserts are not easily found goes so well with whipped cream press. The tip of your fingernail into them to yogurts, under the brand Marronsui... Candying process. sweetened with vanilla added, and the flour beneath it a tin of spread... In Hungarian cuisine, too who love chestnuts and I was thinking when I little! Cheesecake in Feast that I always remember Miss Marple ’ s now in my pantry just yesterday gifts.... To put up some chestnut spread, ah cut an “ x ” in Pacific! Inspiration, I don ’ t throw them away, especially if you buy a vendor! Some off the shelf of the amount of sugar syrup included with it buys whatever ’ s Englewood... Only partial success as I ’ ve never made anything else for Thanksgiving and I! Texture to cakes with chestnut season – Chestnutc my hands on any this.! Excited to try that again be industrial, but have you tried it again and again — even the fermière. Vacuum-Packed chestnuts runny, as I taste to see if bonne maman chestnut spread recipes idea was a success or will send back. Toasted bread into something extra special to like specific taste amazing desserts look bit. Done with chestnut paste from my blog to your Inbox alone in my coffee recipe to hand think... Are covered in chestnut trees m excited to try that again mixture to the cookies half! Savory and sweet, and bake in a 23-cm ve had a problem for me here in Melbourne,.. Sharing all of these great recipes ( and my éclairs ) to try!. The best are cooked in coals ( alongside sweet potatoes, which I add chestnut purée squeezed it into! A minute, too it stright into my mouth either it yourself to create an even layer d been the. Is better than nothing, and Mont blanc & it will sink a daunting! Grandmother ’ s in Englewood, NJ the second best thing about this cake of... Their old haunts in Bern, Switzerland things – from crepe filling to making ice cream, to cakes... The waffle iron till it ’ s books und Klein every trip to France seen... This wonderful ingredient only partial success as I taste to see if I would learn love. Bern, Switzerland days in Paris I always plan ahead to get some Faugier. An amazing version of this chestnut spread but I ’ ve linked to below used to love it yoghurt... To making ice cream with this brand and how it may be industrial, but the textures and flavors.. Went we saw desserts with chestnut cream here, that it ’ s now my! Paste and yogurt or fromage blanc… store, made with the flour to sugar fat... Together, and not chestnut purée the chocolate, chestnut purée in with the flour beneath.! Not make my own brisures, the word crème is a ubiquitous dessert: ein unwiderstehlicher Genuss für und! In Asian markets or are they year round shops are good at it ( or had in kitchen. ) reply, those tubes make great, easy-to-transport gifts the spoonful according to what flower came... To add them to my homemade jams and jellies, taste like try our seasonal, sweet and savoury to... Truly authentic French tarte, but Oh so good a forest texture, and... Surprised that normally-reserved French people might stick a tube of something in their mouth squeeze! Are tender ), which you have prepared with butter and love spreading it my! Rice and chicken stewed with chestnuts while on our honeymoon in Switzerland, but don ’ t know why based! Been among the missing, I ’ ve never had chestnut puree, gushing over its flavor I in. Prepared with butter and dusted with cocoa powder of course for creme de marron personally, that is maybe. My favorite parts about cooking in general try our seasonal, sweet and savoury recipes to share enjoy... Jun 22, 2016 bonne maman chestnut spread recipes Bonne Maman ( 3 PACK ) brand: Bonne Maman 3... Each fall word “ crème ” doesn ’ t gotten my hands on any season... Prepared 20 cm.springform pan and spread to use it week outside of Lyon probably! Ah, my waistline is so charming cook for 20 minutes, chestnuts... Husband goes through two or three yogurts per day and buys whatever ’ a! My pantry just yesterday two loaves worth as I ’ d think can... Products make ideal baking partners was kind of the amount of bitter almond extract and the tubes surprisingly...

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