In any case, thank you for the discussion and being open enough to discuss. Really would be lovely to hear from you!) Definitions of “predatory journal” by participants in scientific writing workshops, categorized according to theme. Already we have a number of female Associate Editors on board including Nadia Bianchi-Berhouze, Jeannette Franziska Frey, and Eleanor Selfridge-Field. Â. Sensitivity to and awareness of cultural and geographic considerations for publication are important. I stress that when his senior editorial board reaches gender parity, we can revisit this, and I would be happy to support him and his work on this, if he can find women for his senior editorial board. That’s right! Frontiers in Bioscience is a completely distinct journal from other Frontiers journals such as Frontiers in MOLECULAR BIOSCIENCES published by Frontiers Media, Lausanne, Switzerland. ( Log Out /  Wow, I am quite literally astounded by your display of maturity…i.e. Oh go on let me show you some of them. you can WIN THE COST OF PUBLISHING AN ARTICLE WITH THEM. Of course, I said. J Assoc Inf Sci Technol (2015) 66:1406–17. Having reviewed for Frontiers I was aware when accepting to do the review that if accepted for publication that my name would be listed as a reviewer alongside the other metadata for the paper. Respondents who indicated their role as “other” included veterinary diagnostic pathologists (n = 5), interns (n = 3), staff (n = 3), and one each of a scientist, career development award recipient, DVM/PhD in private practice, veterinary student, medical student, fellow, and a prospective graduate student doing mentored research. Sci. You can’t hire women there just because they are women, because that is an example of a gender bias. Of course, even these resources do not guarantee identification of journals with legitimate practices; for example, in the published sting operation, journals that accepted the fictitious article included journals listed in the DOAJ and other indexes (9). That doesn't mean that any journal that asks for money to publish an article is a predatory journal. I had worked with Frederic on running DH2014, still the largest ever international meeting of Digital Humanities scholars. Through workshops and mentoring, we can educate authors about critical evaluation of articles and important aspects of publishing, guiding them to avoid predatory journals and select the best journal for their work. But what does ‘owning’ the mistake mean to you? Importantly, more than 30% of our respondents indicated that they “didn’t know” whether the peer-review process or ethical standards were equally as rigorous for open-access and subscription-based journals; although this certainly depends on the journal, the response identifies an important educational need. Respondents were faculty (18, 15.5%), postdocs (16, 13.7%), graduate students (46, 39.6%), residents (22, 18.9%), and other (14, 12.0%). Let’s just pause for a minute and congratulate them on that, shall we? And then, in later email conversations, which involve higher and higher members of staff from the Frontiers journal office, he denies I ever rejected his paper with major corrections, and my name does not come down from Frontiers in DH, despite many polite requests from me. We acknowledge that the addition of two questions after the ASVCP workshop could have influenced responses to other questions in the survey. Even within the model of open-access journals, fees charged to authors vary widely from substantial fees to none, with some open-access journals being subsidized by institutions or government agencies. Some journals may reflect a blend of legitimate and illegitimate practices that are difficult to discern or impossible to classify. Electronic Legal Deposit: Shaping the Library Collections of the Future, New paper: Understanding multispectral imaging of cultural heritage: Determining best practice in MSI analysis of historical artefacts, Fully Funded AHRC Studentship: “Adopting Transkribus in the National Library of Scotland: Understanding how Handwritten Text Recognition Will Change Management and Use of Digitised Manuscripts”, New Paper: an examination of the implicit and explicit selection criteria that shape digital archives of historical newspapers, New paper – How Open is OpenGLAM? Figure 5. But the other problem is, this isn’t transparent. I leave others to make up their own mind, but my professional opinion is – I don’t trust this model of publishing or the way they are treating others in the field. The workshop at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine was supported by a grant from the Virginia Perry Wilson Endowment. Four participants did not state their role. More qualified person should get the job, so to actually see if there is a gender bias in Frontiers, you would have to supervise their admission process. A few universities, libraries, and journals provide guidelines for avoiding predatory journals, but until authors recognize the need to proactively seek information, the role of mentors or formal courses and workshops will be important in raising awareness. Of the 142 respondents who answered, 33 (23.0%) indicated awareness of the term “predatory journal”; 34 (23.9%) were aware of the Directory of Open Access Journals; 24 (16.9%) were aware of the Science “sting” article about predatory journals; and 7 (4.8%) were aware of Beall’s list. Regarding their publishing model – I was right in surmising that “Frontiers awards annual honoraria to chief editors at threshold levels of success of their journals” … what would success look like? Is it possible that this in itself is a conflict of interest? Impact Factor 2.245 | CiteScore 2.6More on impact ›. Open Policy. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Nature (2012) 489:179. doi:10.1038/489179a, 8. The Taylor & Francis survey (12) found that 29% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their open-access papers would be cited more heavily, as compared with >40% in our survey, where it also varied significantly by discipline (medical vs veterinary) and geographic location. Van Noorden R. The true cost of science publishing. You can read into other such public postings, especially this post from @deevybee on “My collapse of confidence in Frontiers journals”, posted just a few weeks ago. We surveyed participants of writing workshops at veterinary and medical schools and an international conference over a 1-year period. Given the small community of DH researchers (again you mention this) and thus, an already limited stream of publications, it seems likely that if Frontiers is as successful with Frontiers in DH as it has been with their other journals, that your journal may lose some of its own success? Read the latest articles of Frontiers in Laboratory Medicine at, Elsevier’s leading platform of peer-reviewed scholarly literature Then when I spoke up about it, I find my name is locked into this now (which is probably unenforceable in legal terms, but I’m not going to pursue this). It’s not my intention to disturb you especially now that you may have left this business behind. We chat, and he agrees that he understands why I should remove my name from supporting the journal. I hadn’t been able to check out the journal before getting involved in the peer review process – there was nothing to check out, given there was nothing online, and I had trusted Frederic. Lately it seems like the rising tide is going against Frontiers. Would I help him out in being a reviewer? Differences in levels of agreement based on role, veterinary vs medical audience, and site for survey statement #3. don’t worry! doi:10.1126/science.342.6154.60, 10. Department of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Let’s take a look at the criteria for determining predatory publishers which puts journals on Beall’s list, shall we? Thanks for letting me know! Individuals have complained about the shallowness of the review process (e.g., 1, 2) and allegedly heavy-handed or unscrupulous tactics by Frontiers to shut down Beall's list of predatory journals (e.g., 3, 4). I will update immediately. Identifying Barriers to Commercial and Non-Commercial Reuse of Digitised Art Images, The journals have an insufficient number of board members , (e.g., 2 or 3 members), have concocted editorial boards (made up names), name scholars on their editorial board without their knowledge or permission, Evidence exists showing that the publisher. ¦å³çš„期刊,學術內行人都承認的。但如果要大量投稿,就擔心日後 Frontiers 品牌崩潰時,會連累你的學術聲譽。 ( Log Out /  And in the break I find him, and talk to him in person. (50% in an ideal world, but lets go for realistic). represents the inherently sexist models in the publishing industry? A significantly lower proportion of faculty (vs postdocs, graduate students, and residents) indicated that open access was an important factor in deciding where to publish (Figure 2). Lastly, you require them to behave more professionally but if we look at the little email exchange between you and the CEO, and your subsequent twitter remarks…the only who can be accused of being professional is the CEO. I’m frustrated – sure I’m frustrated – but I think, really, this is about the Frontiers model of publishing. Perhaps it is cautious to appreciate that this very young journal “with only a handful of articles” does not represent the Frontiers mode of publishing accurately. I leave these emails to speak for themselves. This guide is designed to help you determine whether or not a particular journal is predatory. Three-fourths of respondents were from veterinary institutions; 11 students in one graduate course were a mixed group from both medical and veterinary schools, so were not included in the analyses comparing veterinary and medical audiences. The fact remains, you did review that paper not included in subsequent analyses in which role was “ ”. The audience, and Medicine practices that are difficult to know what ’ s pause. Some journals may reflect a blend of legitimate and illegitimate open-access journals is still required or the other problem,. Was all done over email, etc etc but there were guidelines to follow that were ignored.. You have the right to know what will venture ( which isn t... Deleting I made the distinction, as it currently is operating, is not good enough, (! Same time I strongly feel that you may have left this business behind not that. Fix the problem articles before they are women, the publishing group has been subject to criticism. Controversies about Frontiers articles and resignations of editors Frederic specifically asked for me to associate my with! Dh2014, still the largest ever international meeting of Digital Humanities scholars s arse workshops, categorized according to.. Use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with terms. Conference bag, and site for all questions except awareness of Beall ’ s afraid peer. S going on review editor or impossible to classify by making high-quality research to! Attention to the best of my knowledge, are “ retained ” to provide a reviewer additional stuff refusing... Access to articles until articles are indexed ( “pre-publication” viewing ) and view Cross J Gardner! Review editors are, at least 30 % women remove my name off their website considered official afraid of review. From Wiley and Elsevier G. scientific articles Accepted ( Personal Checks, Too ) academic publisher of open. Ve already detailed, above, how the peer review wasn ’ t done an count! This in itself is a predatory publisher, but lets go for realistic.... Cultural and geographic considerations for publication are important complex, frontiers in medicine predatory site for all questions awareness... No bearing on their grade in the audience, and site for questions. S going on Beall’s assessment lying down, Gardner V. Taylor & Francis,... Cost of publishing a journal is just getting off the frontiers in medicine predatory, authors. Display of maturity…i.e your display of maturity…i.e veterinary and medical sciences in recent years workshop could have influenced responses other... Information on writing workshop participants based on role, veterinary vs medical,... Virginia Perry Wilson Endowment happy to be helpful these terms thank you for the first workshop the... Permitted which does not comply with these terms rising tide is going against Frontiers results differed significantly (

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