This is where a pre-construction contract is concluded. It determines the relationship between the employer and the preferred contractor for the pre-construction period, which begins with his appointment and ends with the signing of a construction contract. The contractor`s early involvement allows the contractor to contribute to construction and design and to submit value engineering proposals. Bidding for plant packages, often on an open-book basis, will help ensure cost safety and determine whether it is economically advantageous to continue development. The agreement covers the period of submission of the first tender for the filing of a second final phase of the tender and the opening of a main contract for the construction phase. The PCSA defines the benefits that the contractor needs at the construction stage and is generally similar to a consulting agreement. It should be specified whether the contractor is carrying out design work, whether he has a design responsibility and what happens to that responsibility if he is not designated for the second stage. It should also define payment terms and possible provisions for deferral of payment. The JCT publishes two standard forms of PCSA, one for general contractors and one for specialists.

Today, the building, which has long been seen as a potential home for the Scottish Parliament, is a symbol of a divided Scottish capital. RTPI: Measuring What Matters: Planning Outcomes Research At Bluestone Construction, we offer a Preconstruction Services Agreement (PSA) that includes designs, specifications, certificates and budgets to be incorporated into the architecture and design of the home. While PSAs are less used, Bluestone owner Kevin Reed says, „I really think it`s the right way to choose a builder.“ Here is the ticket: if an owner chooses a contractor on the basis of a free estimate, he changes the selection process and adapts to budget problems on the street. A thriving construction market, as observed in 2005 and 2006, supports the two-stage tendering process. In such times, the lack of capacity means that the most important contractors have their choice of projects. For more complex and faster developments, this means that many employers have to turn to a two-step tender to obtain rewarding offers. This early involvement of the contractor should improve the construction capacity and safety of design costs, create a better integrated project team and reduce the likelihood of litigation. Opponents of the Stonehenge tunnel have ordered lawyers to verify the legality of Transport Minister Grant Shapps` decision to give the regime the green light.