CSC Sugar LLC (CSC Sugar) challenged Commerce`s determination to amend the AD agreement, saying that Commerce had failed to comply with its obligation to submit a comprehensive administrative protocol. [9] In particular, the CCS Sugar argued that the trade had ignored the communication between trade agents and interested parties (including the domestic sugar industry and Mexico representatives) and had included it in the registration, as requested by Section 777 bis(3) of the Act. [10] The CIT approved CSC Sugar and ordered Commerce to supplement the administrative protocol with possible ex-share notifications regarding the 2017 AD amendment. [11] The amendment to the AD amends the definitions of sugar from Mexico (in accordance with the definitions of the CVD), changes the reference prices for sugar from Mexico, and provides for enhanced monitoring and application. Both parts of the sugar industry – sugar producers and sugar consumers – are currently reviewing court decisions to assess the potential impact on U.S. sugar imports from Mexico and on next steps. Nor was it known how the U.S. Department of Commerce would respond to the judgments. The following part confirms that members of the Mexican sugar industry agree to comply with all the terms of the amendment to the agreement: CSC Sugar LLC, a Connecticut company, argued that „the 2017 amendment was the result of negotiations between the governments of the United States and Mexico that changed the definition of refined sugar purity. , which effectively changed the definition of the product for commercial purposes and jeopardized CCS`s activities. whose state-of-the-art refining processes have been developed to use greater purity,“ Husch Blackwell, CSC`s law firm, said in a press release.

Despite the publication of the AD agreement, Commerce continued its investigation at the request of national stakeholders and concluded a definitive conclusion of LTFV`s sales. [5] In its final determination, trade weighted average dumping margins of 40.48% for Fondo de Empresas Expropiadas del Sector Azucarero (FEESA), 42.14 percent for Ingenio Tala S.A. de C.V. and some associated sweets from La Grupo Azucarero Mexico S.A. de C.V.