1) Respect all furniture and faucets and leave the rooms as they were found. 2) To inform the change if they have to cancel the session. At least 24 hours` notice is required, otherwise the change can still be calculated for the room. 3) Provision of own resources and own management. 4) Pay half of the room rental if a customer`s DNA. 5) Pay your bill either if you see your customer or at the end of each month. Non-payment results in the removal of room rent. The changes do not accept credit or debit cards. 6) Be fully responsible for the health and safety of your clients/students. The changes are not responsible for damage to personal property. All bags and coats are left at their own risk. 7) Providing up-to-date DBS, compensation insurance, proof of professional career, qualifications.

h. Messages: The position of trust does not provide a service to receive messages for customers or space users. You should contact your client directly if circumstances change or create a plan with each client to indicate what they should do if you are late or if you are not participating in a session. A deposit of 25 USD is required for the keys to the house and apartment. The deposit is refunded when the room rent is cancelled and the keys are returned to the office. 2.3 Ground floor: The ground floor has 10 consultation rooms. On the ground floor there is also a reception open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Room Rental Tip: Payment is made when booking via the PET online room reservation system and all cancellations made within the notice period (see section 4.5) are credited to the account. If the room rental company is entitled to a large credit that is not used for the rental of other rooms, a refund may be requested at the end of each month. Change Room Rental Agreement This is a binding agreement between Change Birmingham Brief Therapy and the practitioner/professional who wishes to rent therapy rooms for private practice or to carry out small training courses.

Change reserves the right to offer meetings to its own advisors in the first place. 2.5 Refektorium: The dining room is also located in the basement, with kitchen equipment such as microwave, water heater, kettle, refrigerator, sink and dishwasher. Located room rental contract September 1, 2013 Page 1 out of 7 behind the kitchen are two unisex toilets. The dining room and kitchen are available for the use of room renters and their guests at no additional cost. 2.2 First floor: on the first floor, there are 4 training rooms. There are two large training rooms, which are approximately 460sqft and 730sqft. The other two medium-sized rooms are in each case approximately 290sqft and 280sqft. A unisex toilet, accessible to people with disabilities, is located in the centre of the 4 bedrooms.

1) Note: If you book an S-À-1 consultation room, you should also contact the front desk to book large or medium rooms for group work, which may be billed or debited from personal online accounts. And current CV (does not apply to people who use spaces in 2015 or earlier) You do not have the power to enter into contracts on behalf of Tealstone Therapy Rooms. It is forbidden to sublet the treatment room or to use it for purposes other than those agreed. You are not allowed to make a copy of the room keys and you are not allowed to pass on your keys to third parties.