Despite these restrictions, all your transferable credits are included in the transfer credit details and can be used with the agreement of your advisor to meet individual graduation requirements. It may be helpful to think of your transfer credits as a „bank account“ of credits from which you can draw. All your transferable credits remain in the bank, but no more than 90 lower division credits and no more than 135 total transfer credits can be „withdrawn“ to be applied on the 180 (or more) credits needed for your conclusion. 4. Graduated with at least 54 transferable credits within three academic years of enrollment in the liberal science transfer program and prior to enrollment in the UW-Madison. Students may find that the additional credits do not necessarily advance their bachelor`s goals. If necessary, students are invited to apply for credits acquired from UW-Madison after graduation as an associate. As a general rule, no transfer credits are granted for professional or technical programs. However, a maximum of 15 kronor is awarded for the transfer of university-level professional engineering courses if they have been admitted as voters in the 90 credits that include an associate university degree from a Washington community college. Courses in this category are those that generally offer specific training for a profession (e.B. health, accounting, electronics or physiotherapy assistant). If eligible, these credits apply only to the electoral credit component of a bachelor`s degree at the UW.

These courses are not included in the transfer AMP. For students who obtain a first bachelor`s degree, the Admissions Office grants transfer credits in accordance with the guidelines discussed here. Admissions reserve the right to accept or refuse credits acquired in other higher education institutions. As a general rule, the university`s policy is to accept credits acquired from institutions fully accredited by its regional association for accreditation of universities and universities, provided that these credits have been obtained by university courses corresponding to the student`s curriculum at the University of Washington (UW). Exceptions are mentioned under significant restrictions on transfer credits and non-credit prices. Students can create a free account by clicking on the icon above. Enter the course work you have completed, then use the research to see how it is transferred. Die bei der Bewertung der Transferkredite erfassten Informationen, einschlie-lich der `bertragung von Créditsen und der `bertragung gpA, werden Teil der stungen Aufzeichnung des Studierenden an der UW. When a student applies for an academic program with special admission requirements, transfer courses and transfer AMP are taken into account. Washington`s public colleges and bachelor`s and universities have adopted an inter-institutional transfer agreement.