The loan can only be used for the purchase of a standard annual seasonal card and a copy of the ticket must be made available to the human resources department. Buying an annual card is generally cheaper than buying weekly or monthly tickets, with some operators offering an annual card at the equivalent price of 40 weekly tickets. University staff can also receive an additional 10% discount from select suppliers through the Leicestershire SmartGO programme. If you return your ticket before the expiry date, you must pay the remaining balance at the university. Any alleged abuse of permanent card credit agreements (for example. B evidence that the loan was used for other purposes) is investigated through the university`s disciplinary policy and disciplinary procedure. This season ticket loan form provides that the company recovers the remaining portion of the permanent card credit when the employee leaves the company`s job before the full seasonal card loan is paid off. After receiving the application form, the human resources department verifies the application before sending it to Payroll. A credit payment is then made to your bank account so you can buy your seasonal card online or at the booking office. Monthly deductions from your salary for 12 months are then processed. You must apply for a loan before buying the season card. The annual card is valid for journeys between your two selected stations and can be used at any time, including weekends, although the loan is approved provided it is primarily intended for travel between the place of residence and the workplace.

The form states that the permanent card loan must be paid into the employee`s bank account and asks the employee to prove the purchase of the seasonal card. Loans may not be made for monthly or quarterly tickets or for tickets costing less than $100 per year. This form can be used by an employee to apply for an annual seasonal card loan. The form contains sections for hr and the department of salaries and finance that must be reserved for the processing of the annual loan by seasonal card. Below is a list of terms and conditions for all permanent card loans.