Our data control agency is an agreement between an account owner and SurveyMonkey. If you don`t have an Enterprise account, the account email address indicates the account holder and not a company or organization the account holder can work for. SurveyMonkey can change these conditions at any time for many reasons, for example. B, to reflect changes in legislation or updates to existing services and to take into account new services or functions. The most recent version is still published on the SurveyMonkey website. If a change is essential, as determined at SurveyMonkey`s sole discretion, SurveyMonkey will contact you by email. Change notifications can also be posted on SurveyMonkey`s blog or on your account login. The changes do not take effect until the date of publication. For certain changes to take effect, the applicable law may require SurveyMonkey to obtain your consent or to inform you sufficiently in advance. If you do not wish to change the terms of a service, you should stop using this service, because by continuing to use the Services, you indicate your consent to comply with the updated terms and conditions.

If you need to inform us, use our central address for emails and send a copy to legalnotices@surveymonkey.com. Article L. 211-5 of the French Consumer Protection Act: „To comply with the contract, the product must be adapted to the normal use of such a product and, if necessary, correspond to the seller`s description and present the characteristics that the seller has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model; [and] have characteristics that a buyer could reasonably expect if he or she takes into account the public statements of the seller, manufacturer or representative, including advertising and labelling; or (2) have characteristics that are defined by mutual agreement between the parties or that are appropriate to the particular requirements of the buyer, which have been communicated to the seller and which the seller has accepted.“ These conditions (including additional conditions) represent the entire agreement between you and SurveyMonkey and resolve any other prior or simultaneous agreement, the general, written or oral terms and conditions regarding their purpose. All terms of sale that appear in an order or similar document you have issued do not apply to The Services, crush or are part of these Terms and are not valid. SurveyMonkey offers a variety of different services. Some services are subject to specific conditions and guidelines (including rules and guidelines) („Additional Conditions“). These additional conditions will be part of your agreement with us if you use these services. For example, if you use our survey services, the terms of use of the survey platform apply. When the customer`s subscription ends, all end-user accounts (including all admin accounts) of the customer`s SME subscription are downgraded to the lowest level of individual personal accounts and does not have access to the extended functionality available only for the corporate accounts of paying SMEs.