Determine the seller`s credibility before paying the token`s money, and avoid cash payments. If you pay the money from the token through the banking channels, the seller would not be able to prove anything else. The rate at which cryptocurrencies have increased has far exceeded the speed at which regulators have addressed legal issues. It was not until 2017 that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gave substantial indications as to when the sale of an initial offer of parts (ICO) or other tokens should be considered the same as the sale of a security. This contract for the sale of token (the „agreement“) is an agreement between the buyer if, for whatever reason, the buyer does not enter into the transaction, the seller would lose the symbolic money, unless the parties have entered into a notarized agreement that indicates something else. „The symbolic amount is usually paid by the buyer directly after the oral commitment to the seller. At this point, most buyers don`t pay on paperwork because it seems like an unwanted problem. However, a notarized document would be practical, as proof that the symbolic money was paid to the seller and that it would also lay down the basic rules of the purchase,“ says Manoj Kumar, a Delhi lawyer specializing in real estate registration. There are no fixed rules regarding the amount the buyer must pay to the seller, such as token money. This amount differs from case to case. „A buyer pays part of his down payment for the property like token money if he buys the property from a developer. So if a buyer plans to pay Rs 10 Lakhs out of pocket for the purchase of a property that is worth 50 Lakhs, he would usually give developer Rs 1 Lakh as tokens or booking amount,“ says Gaurav Singhal, a Delhi-based real estate agent. (VII) The buyer has extensive experience in the use and intricacies of cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software systems.

When a company sells a juice to an investor, it accepts funds from that investor, does not sell, offer or exchange coins or tokens. Instead, the investor receives documents indicating that when a cryptocurrency or other product is created, the investor has access to it.