Delta flight attendants are not unionized, but the airline gave them a 14.5 percent pay increase in December. The hourly base is now $61.28 with 12 years of experience. Just to illustrate how ridiculous this all is, it was reported in April that a 787 was delivered „by chance“ to the mainland and not to United, which allowed the airline to reach a $3 million agreement with former United cabin crew members because it mis-flew them. Starting in February of next year, United will serve JFK at both Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and JFK at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) with two round trips to each West Coast city. Flights will take advantage of the new Boeing 767-300ER aircraft on the lines and offer customers an extended premium cabin with an additional 16 United Business Class seats, with all-aisle access and a total of 46 premium cabin seats. The aircraft will also have 22 United Premium Plus seats®, 47 Economy Plus seats® and 52 economy seats. United offers the largest number of high-end seats between the New York area and the Los Angeles and San Francisco markets. Tickets are available on United.com. United thanks the two negotiating teams and the National Mediation Council for their work in reaching this agreement. One of the most important changes that vacationers can notice this year are the extra flights on peak days of Uniteds Gateways Chicago, Denver, Houston and Washington Dulles. The airline is adding more departures to offer customers more opportunities to access their destination during this holiday season. With these changes, United expects more than 200 additional departures on peak days during the holiday period. Among the highlights of United`s December calendar, the live webcast will be available on United`s Investor Relations website at ir.united.com.

The company will archive the video webcast on the site within 24 hours of the presentation, and the webcast will be available for a limited time. While the merger between Continental and United was completed in 2010, former United and Ex-Continental cabin crew still entered into different contracts. This meant that they had separate pay scales, different work rules, different levels, etc. As far as cabin crew are concerned, there are still two separate airlines. Cabin crew had to vote on the new treaty and votes are now in place. United`s new flight attendant contract was ratified, more than 90% voted in favour and 53% voted in favour. According to the press release, congratulations to United and its cabin crew for the end of these negotiations! The agreement, which still requires a vote by full union membership, would also bring United cabin crew salaries to a level that the union says is the highest in the industry. As you can see, the results are quite mixed, which is not ideal. I hope that cabin crew who do not agree with the treaty will accept it for what it is and I hope that this does not widen an additional gap between airline personnel. „United`s imminent return to JFK while operations continue at Newark Liberty and LaGuardia airports will provide more opportunities for transcontinental flights, just as travelers will return to the skies,“ said Kevin O`Toole, President of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. „At the beginning of the recovery, we welcome these expanded options for those who decide to enter and exit port authority airports.“ Although other parts of the combined airlines have been integrated since United`s merger with Continental in October 2010, the company`s 25,000 cabin crew were working as if they were still working for two separate airlines.

„Large-scale testing is the key to opening international borders and reopening global traffic safely. This is especially important for our Houston customers who rely on United to stay in touch with family and friends in Latin America and C